Purchasing Lea Bass Guitars


If you are interested in having a bass built, give me a call or send an email.  We will discuss things such as:

  • Body style (ie. single cut, dual cut, number of strings, bolt-on or neck-through….)
  • Scale length
  • Wood selection
  • Electronics configuration
  • Custom options (ie. knobs, ramp, pickup covers, etc.)

I will work with you to determine the specifics of your instrument to best suit your playing style and desired tone, and will give you my recommendation for things such as wood combinations and electronics selection.   Ultimately the choice is yours.  My #1 goal is that you are thoroughly happy with your instrument.


Once we have settled on the details, I will draft a recap of our discussion and will give you an estimate for the final price.  Shipping and insurance cost, as well as any applicable taxes, will be added to the estimate of the cost to build your bass.  Additionally, I will provide an estimated start and completion date based on my current workload and build schedule.  Normally, the estimated completion date will be six months after my estimated start date; however, I will not deliver your bass until it meets my very high personal standards of quality and workmanship.  Therefore, your estimated completion date is just that – an estimate – rather than a deadline.  You can modify your design after I have begun work on your bass as long as I have not yet reached the step in question; however, design changes may impact the final price and/or the estimated completion date.  If it becomes apparent I am going to be unable to meet the estimated completion date, I will inform you as soon as possible and will provide reason for the delay and an updated completion date.  No adjustment in final price will be made if I am unable to complete the bass by the estimated completion date; however, I will make every effort to meet that date AND provide you a top quality instrument, as I recognize that my reputation as a luthier is highly dependent on both counts.


I require an $800 deposit to secure your position in my build schedule.  Regardless of any discussion we may have had about building an instrument, I will not add you to my schedule, nor will I begin work on your bass until I receive your deposit and it clears my financial institution.   Depending on my workload and build schedule, I may not begin your instrument for some time after receiving your deposit (see “Estimate” section regarding start and completion dates).  Your deposit is fully refundable until I begin work on your instrument, at which point your deposit becomes non-refundable.  You may make your deposit in US dollars with a personal check, money order, or Paypal.

I require the balance to be paid in full before I ship your completed instrument.  Once your final payment has cleared my bank, I will ship your bass via USPS Express Mail with insurance and signature confirmation, and will provide you tracking information.  If I have not received your final payment within 2 months of notification that your instrument is complete, it will be offered for sale on my website for the price of your final balance.


I maintain very high standards for the quality of my instruments.  I warranty all of my instruments against any defects that occur as a result of my work.  I do not warranty damage that occurs as result of normal use such as worn nuts, frets, tuners, bridges, or strings.   I do not warranty for damage that occurs due to improper handling or neglect.  I do not warranty nicks, dents, scratches, or worn finish.  Modifications made by anyone other than Lea Bass Guitars are not covered under this warranty.  When I receive your instrument, I will inspect it for defects covered under warranty.  Determination whether a defect is covered by my warranty is at my sole discretion.  If the defect is covered, I will repair and ship it back at no cost to you, and I will refund your cost for shipping the instrument to me.  If the defect is not covered under warranty, I will give you an estimate for the repair and shipping – the customer in this case is responsible for all shipping charges.   I have a reputation for being very fair in these matters and will make every reasonable effort to ensure all parties are satisfied.