Lea Bass Guitars Repairs


In addition to building custom basses, I do setups and repairs on a limited basis. My bench rate is $50 per hour. Setup and repair services are subject to the warranty policy described in my “Purchasing Information” tab. My availability for repairs is highly dependent on my build schedule – custom bass builds are my priority. If you call me for a repair, I will give you an honest assessment of how long it will take and whether it works with my current build schedule.


Lea Bass Guitars


I charge $50 for a standard setup. Setup includes:

  • Neck relief (truss rod) adjustment
  • Saddle adjustment
  • Intonation adjustment
  • Fret polish
  • Oil fret board (if unfinished)
  • Guitar cleaning and polish if appropriate
  • Checkout of all pots and electronics
  • Tightening of all hardware.

I recommend changing the strings as well. Strings are extra, or provide your own.


My specialty is electric instruments; however, I will consider repairs on your acoustic. I will not take on any project that I am not absolutely confident can be completed to my high standards and without further damage to the instrument. Examples of repairs I will consider are fret work, electronics work, and some finish repairs. I do not do re-finishing. All repair work is subject to my bench rate stated above. I will give you an estimate of total cost, including cost of any parts required. If the job will require significantly more time than originally anticipated, I will give you an updated estimate for your consideration.